About Us

Dr. Rhonda Sykes, DC – I started practice in 1997 with my father who is still currently practicing in Pt. St. Lucie, Florida. When Dr. Tarek and I married in 1999, we decided to move here to Midlothian, Virginia. Dr. Tarek started the practice on his own while I was busy at home with our first daughter Aliyah. I started to work part time until we had our second daughter Jennah. My focus for my patient is overall health and wellness which includes chiropractic as well as nutrition counseling, food sensitivities, metal/chemical toxicity, emotional freedom technique, stress reduction and covering with my patients the importance of sleep, earthing, and having fun/play. After over 15 years in practice, I noticed the changes in the level of health for adults as well as children. When incorporating our wellness paradigm into your life, I see how quickly the body can heal physically and emotionally.

Dr. Tarek Elganainy, DC – I started practice in 1997 in the state of Georgia. Practiced and held licenses in the state of Florida and Virginia. Started our current practice in Chesterfield County, Virginia in 2000. My love for Chiropractic comes from its natural holistic philosophy and the results we see in our patients. It is one thing to learn about how the body adapts – heals itself and another to see it everyday in our practice members of all ages and health concerns. The methods I choose to use honor this inborn healing capacity of the body.  I try to be as specific, gentle, holistic and natural in my approach as I can. My goal is to have our practice members well and living a wellness life style that will keep them healthy. You can see a list of our methods here.

Stephanie Fernald, DC – Dr. Steph has called Midlothian home since her days at Midlothian High School. A dedicated lifetime athlete and scholar, she was part of the UNCW Women’s Basketball Team at University of North Carolina Wilmington where she earned her first degree, a BA in Exercise Science Cum Laude. At this time in her career, her sportsmanship, skills, integrity, and commitment were already being recognized, and she received the prestigious All-American award from the National Strength and Conditioning Association while in attendance at UNCW.

After earning her first degree and recognitions, she developed aspirations to become a chiropractor, moving onward to the number one Chiropractic University in the country, Life University in Georgia. In addition to her Chiropractic course of study at Life University, she participated in the Internship program at the Sports Chiropractic Institute in Georgia as well as the Life University Center for Health and Optimum Performance working hands-on with patients in a clinical setting.

In September 2018, Dr. Steph earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree Cum Laude from the prestigious Life University. She is now a valued member of our team at Chiropractic & Family Wellness PC, and we are very excited to have her. 

She is experienced in working with patients and their unique backgrounds, performing comprehensive evaluations, giving Chiropractic adjustments, administering special techniques such as the Graston Technique, and teaching patients specific exercises to not only just enhance their ability to heal faster and more efficiently, but also to stabilize and support their physical health in order to prevent future injury. 

Dr. Steph’s focus and passion is in sports rehabilitation and strengthening. She truly loves all aspects of working with athletes. She enjoys caring for patients with a comprehensive team, focused on improving quality, communication, wellness, and prevention. Dr. Steph is now accepting new patients.