Bad Bugs

I always ask my patients, “if there is a group of people all exposed to bacteria, would they all get sick?” They almost always say no. When I ask, “why do some stay healthy?” They say that the individual with a healthy immune system would not get sick. The one with a weak immune system is the one who will get sick.

There is a saying that the flu does not make people sick! Sick people get the flu! People with sick and weak immune systems are the ones who will get the flu.

If bacteria and viruses cause disease, then we would be sick all the time. We are constantly exposed to these “bugs” and there is no way of avoiding it.

It’s when the host is weak or out of balance that bacteria and viruses flourish and take over.

So bacteria and viruses do not necessarily mean disease. There are people who are HIV positive but do not have AIDS. Most adults and children walk around with Strep. and Staph. bacteria in their throats but they can resist infections and stay healthy. (Please attend our lectures on kids health and immune health to learn about lifestyle choices that weaken the immune system and how to keep it healthy.)

In fact, almost all living things need bacteria to survive. There are more “good” bacteria in our bodies than cells. Healthy bacteria have been shown to help our immune system, make vitamins for our bodies, help digest food, decrease our risk for diabetes and eczema and also prevent yeast, viral and bacterial infections.

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