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People already know that they need to exercise, stop smoking, eat their vegetables and so on. But they still do not do it. Others try to mask the symptoms by taking medicines or natural substances like supplements and herbs. While all these things might be indicated sometimes, they are never why people get sick in the first place. People do not have diabetes because they did not eat their medicine or herb when they were young!

We found that patients who choose to address the cause of their problems and change their life style get the best, fastest and longest lasting results.


Nutrition & Purity

Spirituality, positive thinking & rest.
Addressing the patient’s problem and restoring the patient to health implies that we are returning the patient back to how they were before the disease or injury. That poses another problem! When you return someone to the same environment and habits that caused the problem, the problem will return. Research shows that people get a re-occurrence of their back pain, cancer and heart disease after their primary recovery. The environment and habits of the patients must also change while restoring the patient to wholeness. That is called re-organizational healing. (A term coined by Dr. Donald Epstein)

The common understanding of why people get sick is because of bad bugs (bacteria and viruses) and bad genes. If that is the case, then we are out of luck. You can not kill all the viruses and bacteria in the world and you can not go back and change your father and mother hoping for better genes.

The next few pages will go over research that indicate that our genes are not the cause of our problems and that our lifestyle and habits (our environment) is the cause of the most killers in western societies. Embrace re-organizational healing! Restore your wholeness and change your lifestyle and habits to ones that are congruent with your genes’ optimum expression.

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