Dr. Rhonda’s Links:

EFT:  Emotional Freedom Technique  /  Tapping


Chiropractic Resources
–  International Chiropractic Pediatrics Assoc.
Info on chiropractic, children, pregnancy…

–  Info on Activator Technique and finding other Activator doctors across the country.

Exercise Resources
–  FMS: Functional Movement Systems exercise library

–  SFMA: Selective Functional Movement Assessment

–  Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

– CrossFit

–  MovNat
World Leader in Natural Movement Fitness.

Moms and Pregnancy Resources

–  HypnoBirthing (2 links)

–  La Leche League (Nursing your baby help)

–  Holistic Moms Network

Pediatric and Children Resources
– International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

–  Information on vaccines and federal web sites to report reactions.

–  Holistic Pediatric Association

–  Bob Sears
on facebook

Nutrition Resources
–  Paleo Diet

–  The Paleo Mom

–  Paleo Hacks

–  Faith Farm Healthy Meats

Family Wellness Resources
–  Citizens For Health

–  Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine

–  Holistic Moms Network

–  Brene Brown
Is a research professor at The University of Houston. She spent the past ten years studying vulnerability, courage, shame, and authenticity.

–  Virginia State Parks

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